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👾 We help you to bring your product to life - whether it's
a Minimum Viable Product, UX/UI Services or help to scale your business./>

* Disclaimer: All the Images / Screenshots and content belongs to projects we have worked for.


Our 🧬 DNA is made of former-startup founders and the top talent in Product, UX/UI
Software development and Machine & Deep Learning.


🛍️ E-commerce


💸Fintech & Blockchain

📣 Marketing

📈 Stock Market

🌳 Agriculture

We are very 😊happy to work with Byte4Bit The collaboration goes far beyond a standard IT service: with Byte4Bit we have a sparring partner that challenges us in our product decisions and is truly passionate about the results developed. The level of professionalism and dedication is exceptional in this industry and we are eager to strengthen our collaboration in the future.

Chris Humprey - DaOne, Co-Founder

Case Studies

Here we showcase some digital products 👨‍💼 (Business) where we help from the conception of the business model to product and launch development

POS - CRM - Retail

Is a Cloud POS system oriented to deliver a fast and easy experience to retail and physical stores, providing a easy mobile application and an entire suites of tools to let founders, owners and managers a real time analytics data. Integrating as well an API and different CMS channels such as woocommerce and shopify.

Web App | Mobile App

Moving Booking Engine - Marketplace

Is an engine powered by AI (Artificial vision) which quote based on distance, date and items to looking for a variety of moving companies and find the best match for both parties.

Web App | Ai Engine

Expertise and Skills

Our team is skilled and versed on different fields,
being able to solve complex technical tasks.


JS Stack
Node, SQL, Mongo
React, Flutter.


Smart Contracts -
ERC20 based
Solidity and Polygon.


Narrow Band iot, Schemes
Arduino, Particle,
Jetson, Galilelo


Computer Vision -

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