Juanda Agudelo

CTO - CEO | Founder

Entrepreneur at heart, dedicated to crafting innovative digital products and building digital businesses.

Sara Montoya


Entrepreneur at heart, dedicated to crafting innovative digital products and building digital businesses.


Jeff Ortiz

Architect | Devops

Software architect and technology team leader  executing leadership roles with a high degree of responsibility and commitment in the development of large-scale projects.

Daimon Cardenas

Senior Backend

Expert in Front-End, Back-End, DevOps, video games, WordPress and JamStack. Always bringing to the client the best proposals in software development.


Middle Backend

FullStack Developer with the ability to develop scalable web projects. Computer Science is his universe where he look for answers to all the unknowns with passion and enthusiasm.

Oscar Torres

Middle Backend

Fullstack developer with +4 years of experience and specialist in analytics and data migration projects, using technologies such as pwc, SQLServer, Oracle, AS400, ControlM and BitBucket.

Luciana Sanchez

Fullstack Middle

Always intrigued by technological evolution and programming as a tool to carry out projects related to her other profession, medicine.


Francisco Blanco

Senior FrontEnd

Offers high quality web solutions, providing a smooth and engaging experience to users. with +4 years of experience in Javascript and css, php, ajax, sql, for the creation of WordPress plugins.

Luis Miguel Narvaez

Middle FrontEnd

Front-end web developer with focus on modern technologies and frameworks. Specialized in Nextjs, React, Typescript, Vue.JS, Express, Node.js, with PHP and WordPress skills.

Fátima Marquez

Junior FrontEnd

Lawyer by profession, developer by passion, has knowledge in Nextjs, Typescript, HTML, CSS, Javascript directed to UI and front end.

Cesar Ruiz


Fearless navigator in the vast sea of code, software developer, student and passionate about challenges.

Estefania Bermudez

Junior FrontEnd

Business Administrator certified as a Professional Developer, with experience in executing, planning, designing and transforming projects in an optimal and recursive manner.

Other departments

Brahian Arias

Flutter developer

+5 years of experience in Frontend (NextJS, NuxtjJS, Angular) and Backend (NuxtJS server API, expressJS and Django) Currently focused on mobile development with flutter.

Samuel Franco

Webmaster | Project Manager

Professional in marketing with emphasis on project management, web page creation. In the process of becoming a Fullstack developer. The art of learning is the only way to success.

Santiago Gil

Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Focused on creative graphics with emphasis on illustration, generating graphic proposals and social campaigns. Projected to make the world a better place by spreading smiles.

Paola Gomez


Sara Villa


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